Emissions & Standards


Emissions reductions from Stage 1 to M&H Stage V

Based on 4.5L & 6.8L engines in the 130 to 224 kW engine power output range

Reduction in CO 99.78%
Reduction in NOX 99.79%
Reduction in PM 99.81%

M&H Stage V engines demonstrate exceptionally low DEF consumption

  • EGR decrease Nox emissions out of the engine
  • Ultra-Low DEF consumption (1-3%) compared to no-EGR engines.
  • Requires lower dosing rates of DEF, which means:
  • Smaller DEF tanks
    • Easier integration for OEMs
    • Lower operating costs
    • Fewer fill-ups for operators
Schema AfterT MH Engines


  • 4-valve cylinder heads
  • High-pressure common-rail fuel system
  • Full-authority electronic controls
  • Series turbochargers for improved transient response, low-speed torque & altitude capability
  • DOC/DPF exhaust filters
  • Optimized SCR system

Passive Regeneration cleaning:

  • No speed change or performance impact
  • No indication given to operator

Active Regeneration Cleaning

  • No speed change or performance impact
  • Requires no operator involvement
  • ECU will manage the process
  • Information lamp given

Healthy After-Treatment

The ECU “Engine Computer” maintains after-treatment health

  • There is... No performance or engine speed change
  • Requires... No operator involvement
DOC Hydrocarbons Creates heat to clean other ATD components
Light PM cleaning up
DPF Soot (PM) Reduces particulate matter
Improve transient and altitude performance
SCR NOx Converts NOx into N2 and H2O