Marine & Hazardous Engines

Emissions reductions from Stage 1 to M&H Stage V

Based on 4.5L & 6.8L engines in the 130 to 224 kW engine power output range

Reduction in CO 99.78%
Reduction in NOX 99.79%
Reduction in PM 99.81%
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M&H Engines, Marine and Hazardous Engines

The big step towards a greener world that's available right now.

Our commitment is to develop products that not only meet but are also certified to the very latest stringent worldwide emission standards.  

All the Marine and Hazardous engines are designed and developed by a team of people who have significant experience in diesel engines themselves. This team is made up by a group of people who have experience not only in design and engineering, but in product application, market sector demands, service, and support. 

Our marine range of products are designed and developed not only with the latest emission standards in mind but also the various requirements regarding personal safety, etc. Whether for propulsion or auxiliary power, including gen sets and variable speed gen sets, all our products are designed to give optimum service whilst meeting all the strict safety and emission standards. 

Our hazardous range of products are again designed and developed for the latest emission standards, they are also designed to meet and certified to meet the extremely strict safety standards that are required for installation in areas such as oil and gas and anywhere a hazard such as an explosive atmosphere could be present. The engines are designed as a complete system and include all the relevant components to enable the customer to complete their package easily. 


M&H Stage V Engines Features and Benefits


Stage V engines are designed and built fully in accordance and to Class requirements.


M&H Stage V engines come with a three-year warranty as standard.

Warranty conditions are – one-year unlimited hours, three years total 5,000 hours maximum.
Extended warranty is available at an extra cost for an additional two years.

Service and support

Service and support contracts are available for the warranty period and beyond. Service and support from our expanded service dealer team ensures prime operation of your engine and a long service life.

Oil change

500 hours standard oil change intervals.

Either-side Service

Oil fill and dipstick combinations, remote oil filter and fuel water separator and the DOC, PDF and SCR system for the Stage V engines, can be configured for easier service access, application and service flexibility to provide installation convenience plus fast and easy maintenance

Exhaust after-treatment

M&H Engineering Stage V engines use EGR, DPF, DOC and SCR systems to meet the Stage V emission legislation requirements. The systems are compact and packaged with knowledge of the limited space available inside vessel engine rooms.